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Established in 2005, Ideal Tuition Centre has been offering the highest quality tuition services to students of primary and secondary school. The number of students has increased significantly as most of our students excel in their examinations.



                 At Ideal Tuition Centre, we constantly update ourselves with the latest requirements of school syllabus and examinations. We understand and have also analysed the needs of our students and thus provide appropriate resources and tailor made notes to supplement what the students are learning in school. Indeed, living in a world that is rapidly changing, we realise that students nowadays are heavily influenced by technology. Therefore we provide state-of-the-art facilities and teaching tools to assist our students.


               Our tuition centre goes through a strict process in hiring our tutors. We made sure that our friendly tutors are qualified individuals, have a burning passion and are dedicated in educating our students.


                We believe that each student has unique potential. Ideal Tuition Centre strives to bring out the best in your child academically. We believe that by employing appropriate and effective teaching method, we can help your child to enjoy learning and develop his or her potential.

                 Our centre has above-the-par facilities. We have cafeteria catered for our students. We provide our students with ICT facilities to assist in their studies. We also provide spacious and comfortable study area for our students, making it as their second home for living.


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